Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Crime of Freedom Fighters

“ The blockade that brought about the flotilla is dehumanizing, barely justified on security grounds.[…]How long can our modern day Sparta live by it’s sword?” 
Ehud Eiran, Major in the Israeli Defence Forces.                

The attack on the Freedom Flotilla isn't the first time Israel has shown it's true face: but it is time the USA accepts and holds Israel accountable for it's barbaric attitude towards the Palestinians.The international community has finally woken from it’s slumber and is outraged at the disproportionate use of weapons on innocent civilians. Let us hope this is the final straw that will break USA’s negligence and result in it taking positive action in curbing such vile acts.
  For once maybe the UN should do more than lip -service sentencing of inquiries. Apart from “condemning” such acts the UN should issue grave sanctions to be effective immediately restricting Israel’s freedom, as it does in the blink of an eye with Iran and other countries.
  Captain Aria Shaliker of the Israel Defense Forces was part of operation of the attack on the Freedom Flotilla and  allegedly claims that commandos began the raids armed with "paint ball guns".
  Let us roll back here : to the reality Captain Aria  Shaliker has drifted away from.The West Bank barrier has been created by the same State of Israel.The barrier is a gross illegal attempt to annex Palestinian land under the guise of ‘security’.It consists of a network made mostly of electric fencing, barbed wire and concrete walls including vehicle-barrier trenches surrounded by a 60 meter wide exclusion area. It successfully blocks access to basic necessities such as water, health care and education, as well as sources of income including agriculture and other forms of employment to thousands of Palestinians.
  This barrier constructed is collective punishment for the Palestinians. Collective punishment violates article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states: "No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed," and "collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited".However Israel believes that this law isn’t applicable to them. As former president Jimmy Carter wrote, it is “a system of apartheid…with two peoples occupying the same land but  completely separated from each other with Israel being dominant (…) and depriving Palestinians of their basic human rights”.

  Israel portrays blatant disregard for the International Court of Justice's judgment (the UN’s highest legal entity) that reads: “the construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying power[..] is contrary to international law”. 
Let us asses the actions of Israel and the words of Captain Aria Shaliker in chronological order.The same State that went to such extreme lengths to protect themselves from the possibility of an attack- suddenly decided to raid a fleet of ships headed for “their shores” with paint ball guns?.Not only is the suggestion absurd but reveals the level of intellect Israel holds in regard towards the human race.

Israel has showed that it has no intentions towards a peaceful process by initiating this violence, which is an attack on the international community for daring to show solidarity with the Palestinians. That was the only crime of the people aboard the Flotilla : uniting. That is Israel's biggest fear realized.
  Israel’s attack will backfire, because they have provoked not only the Muslim Ummah but the entire international community into recognizing who the real terrorist is.

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